Malek House; A Historical House in A Big City

Malek House; A Historical House in A Big City

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Malek House was built in Qajar era. It is located in Imam Khomeini Street in Iran's northeastern holy city of Mashhad. Near the house, there is a park named Bagh-e Melli.

The house has two floors that just the top floor has a roof. Materials used for the roof are like a lattice. In this floor, there is a very beautiful fireplace that is made of plaster.

The Malek House is decorated so beautiful and if we say it’s unique, it’s no exaggeration. The house is also known as a place for handicrafts and classical arts.

Haj Hussein Malek was the owner of the house and also he had a garden named Vakil Abad garden and he donated it to the poor people after his death.

This house was bigger in the past but today the external part of that is remained. This place is a good destination for passengers and tourists who travel to Mashhad.


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