Pashtoo Castle: One of The Old Fortresses in Iran

Pashtoo Castle: One of The Old Fortresses in Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Pashtoo castle (Pashtu or Poshtab Castle) is one of the most important and valuable historical monuments of Ahar in northwestern Iran.

Located on a high mountain 3,000 m. in altitude, having high, rocky ramparts. The only access to this castle is by the 220 stony steps. One of the most valuable and the most interesting monuments of the Ahar town is Horand castle, or Poshtab which has been on the highest mountain between the Poshtab and Kovjan villages.

Poshtab village is located 12km and 50km of Ahar in west Horand. Pashto castle is built in the mountains that its height is over 1600 meters. Its fences are very high and rocky and surrounded by deep Cliffs.

 The only to crossing way to the castle is from the north entrance, with 220 stone steps. In the construction of castle walls rubble stone, clay mortar, mortar and some bricks have been used.

Works obtained from the inside of castle indicate that the castle was built in the early dominance of Islam to Arasbaran and Ghare Dag.

Source: Itto (Iran Tourism and Touring Organization).org

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