Kermanshahi Shreds Stew: A Luxury Iranian Food

Kermanshahi Shreds Stew: A Luxury Iranian Food

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The Kermanshahi shreds stew is a local luxury food originally cooked in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah.

The delicious meal contains almond shreds, barberries and rose water. Since past times, people of Kermanshah have cooked the shreds stew as a food served for guests and on formal occasions. They believe the stew should be transparent and have a nice color.


Chopped veal: 100gr to 150gr per person

Onions: 2 big onions

Almond shreds: 50gr per person

Black or red barberries: 200gr

Rose water: 3 to 4 spoonfuls

Stewed saffron: 4 spoonfuls

Dried lime: 1 lime per person

Cinnamon sticks: 1 piece

Tomato paste: 2 to 3 spoonfuls

Salt, turmeric, black pepper and Kermanshahi oil: as much as needed


First, skin and wash the onions. Then chop them to small pieces and sauté them in a casserole with some turmeric on low heat.

Then add to the onions the chopped veal that you have already washed well. Sauté them all well until the meat changes color. Then add boiling water until it covers the veal. Then allow the veal to be half-cooked on low heat.

Fry the tomato paste in a separate dish. Then add it to the half-cooked meat along with stewed saffron and almond shreds. Put the mixture in the casserole and wait until the veal and almond shreds are cooked through. Note that water should cover the ingredients.

After the veal is cooked, add rose water, dried lime, cinnamon sticks, salt and some black pepper to the ingredients and allow the stew to be cooked through on low heat.

Then sauté the barberries after washing them. Be careful lest they might get burned. Ten minutes before you turn off the flame, add the barberries and wait for ten minutes until the stew is cooked through. Then take the cinnamon sticks out and serve the stew with rice.