US behind Spread of Terrorism in Region: Iran’s Larijani

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani highlighted the reasons behind the emergence of terror groups in Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, and said behind the scenes, the US government has supported terrorism.

US behind Spread of Terrorism in Region: Iran’s Larijani

Speaking at a press conference in Damascus on Sunday, Larijani reiterated Tehran’s full support for Syria and said, “Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Syrian nation and government have always sided with the Iranian people and we will never forget the support, especially the support by the late Hafez al-Assad during (Iraqi dictator) Saddam’s imposed war on Iran.”

“During the 41 years since the Islamic Revolution, we have always had strategic relations with the Syrian Republic,” the parliament speaker added.

“We have always backed the Syrian people and government in the fight against terrorism,” Larijani said. “We see counterterrorism as an important issue while the US and some regional countries have helped terrorism behind the scenes.” 

After his one-day trip to Syria, the Iranian parliament speaker arrived in Lebanon on Sunday and plans to stay in the Arab country for two days.

In an earlier meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus on Sunday, Larijani affirmed Iran’s continued support for Syria in its efforts to eliminate terrorism in all its territories, stressing the importance of the recent victories made by the Syrian army against the terrorists.

He further expressed his confidence in the ability of the Syrian people and military to complete the liberation of all their lands and restore Syria’s position in the region.

Assad, for his part, highlighted the successes of the Syrian military and said, “The Syrian people are determined to liberate all Syrian territories”.

He also said terrorists in northwestern Syria were using residents as “human shields,” in an attempt to stop Syrian troops from advancing into the territory.

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