Iran President Highlights Strategies against Economic Fallout of Coronavirus

Iran President Highlights Strategies against Economic Fallout of Coronavirus

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted his administration’s efforts to deal with the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, saying there have been initiatives to protect the livelihood of people and prevent price hikes.

Addressing a Sunday session of the Administration’s Economic Headquarters, Rouhani said the cabinet’s top priority in addressing the economic repercussions of the coronavirus is to protect the livelihood and economy of families, particularly vulnerable groups.

He said the problems created by the pandemic could be addressed with serious cooperation from the people, stressing that popular partnership is the most effectual help in dealing with the economic challenges and shocks.

Denouncing the harsh and inhumane sanctions that have been imposed on Iran amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Rouhani said, “Fortunately, the administration has carefully devised plans since the outbreak of the disease to tackle the coronavirus economic problems, and has tried to withstand such a difficult situation vigorously by formulating special policies and with reliance on people.”

The president also said the main priority in the administration’s economic plans is to control prices and supply the basic means of life, according to the government’s official website.

“Strict monitoring and control as well as timely reaction to price hikes are among the major duties of all authorities, producers, guilds and salespeople, and shortcoming and failure in this regard is by no means acceptable.”

He further unveiled grand plans to resolve the housing market problems, saying economic policies have been developed to regulate and control the flow of liquidity that may disrupt the housing market.

In April, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei gave permission for withdrawing €1 billion from the National Development Fund of Iran to battle against the novel coronavirus and handle the consequences of the disease.

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