Enemies Unable to Topple Government in Iran: President

Enemies Unable to Topple Government in Iran: President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – President of Iran Hassan Rouhani scorned the futile attempts by outsiders to decide the Iranian people’s fate, stressing that enemies will never be able to overthrow the Islamic Establishment as long as the vote of people and ballot boxes form the basis of decisions in Iran.

Addressing a cabinet session on Wednesday, Rouhani hailed the rule of religious democracy in Iran, stressing, “As long as we respect the ballot boxes, the elections, and the votes of people, no power could harm us.”

He also denounced the “worn-out and baseless” remarks by the foreign politicians in the far side of the world talking about an end to popular government and the outbreak of unrest in Iran, saying the Islamic Republic will keep moving ahead powerfully with reliance on elections.

The enemies may be able to harass Iran, as they have done so in the past years, but they are unable to take the government from people, Rouhani added.

In comments in August 2019, Rouhani said the US is mistaken to think that its policy of pressure and sanction could help it achieve the objective of regime change in Iran.

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