Chinese Embassy Urges Pompeo to Stop Smearing China

Chinese Embassy Urges Pompeo to Stop Smearing China

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo should stop smearing and spreading rumors about China, the Chinese Embassy in Suriname said in a statement on Friday.

Pompeo during his working visit to Suriname made provocative remarks on China-related issues, questioning Chinese companies' investment aim in the country.

Under the pretext of "democracy," "freedom" and "human rights," Pompeo leveled groundless accusations and attacks against China, maliciously instigated China’s relations with other countries, the statement said, CGTN reported.

The embassy voiced strong opposition against Pompeo's remarks, adding that the Chinese government has always required overseas Chinese companies to abide by local laws and regulations, and to run business in an open, clean and transparent manner.

According to the statement, China and Suriname has yielded fruitful results through close cooperation in various field, which has set a good example among countries having different political systems, different cultures and geographical sizes.

"China firmly adheres to the principles of mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in developing relations with Latin American countries including Suriname," said the statement.

The embassy also believes that Surinamese people from all walks of life will make their own correct judgment.

The statement stressed that "any attempt to sow discord between China and Suriname is doomed to fail."

The embassy called on Pompeo to respect facts and truth and abandon arrogance and prejudice.


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