Several Arrested at Anti-Netanyahu Protest in Jerusalem Al-Quds (+Video)

Several Arrested at Anti-Netanyahu Protest in Jerusalem Al-Quds (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Several protesters were arrested at a gathering outside the residence of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Saturday night to demand his resignation, pressing ahead with weeks of protests despite a strict new lockdown order.

The tough lockdown rules went into effect Friday, closing many businesses, banning large gatherings and ordering people to stay close to home. But Israel's parliament was unable to agree on proposed legislation that would ban the right to protest.

Netanyahu has pushed hard for a ban on the demonstrations, claiming they pose a threat to public safety, and he has threatened to declare a state of emergency to halt the unrest. But his opponents accuse him of using the health crisis as a pretext to put a halt to weeks of demonstrations against him.

Demonstrations against Netanyahu have been taking place for weeks, with protesters demanding his resignation while he remains on trial for corruption.


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