US Documentarian: Resistance Cinema Should Depict Western Oppression

US Documentarian: Resistance Cinema Should Depict Western Oppression

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Marzieh Hashemi, an American journalist and documentarian, said that the cinema of resistance should focus on the oppression that people face in Western societies.

Hashemi underscored that participation of over 137 countries in the 16th edition of the Resistance International Film Festival indicates that the event is spreading quickly across the globe.

She added that what is seen in the world of resistance today is a movement that was formed about 42 years ago with the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and today the people of the world are gradually becoming familiar with its meanings.

Hashemi noted that the resistance to oppression and imperialism in the region and even in Latin America, Bolivia, Cuba, and Venezuela are all defined as resistance, stressing that Iran, however, has always been and is a leader in the field of resistance.

She added that resistance cinema should portray the problems of the people of the world in the face of oppression and show the realities of the oppression of the West and the US so that even the people of those countries become more familiar with the oppression of their rulers.

 “In these countries, actions such as the invasions of Iraq and Yemen are portrayed as if their soldiers are fighting to defend the people; in this situation, the cinema of resistance must enter and portray these attacks from the perspective of the people of the countries of the region, in order to clarify the depth of the oppression of the Western countries for their own people.” 

Hashemi said the cinema of resistance must show the silence of the West in the face of their oppression and lies in the fight against Daesh and the terrorists they have created so that the true picture of their crimes can be revealed to all the people of the world.

She said the short film has many capacities and can provide the most information in the field of resistance to the audience in the shortest time; adding that for this reason, the resistance movement must be seriously activated in this sector as well.

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