No Place for Outsiders in Regional Security Talks: Iranian Deputy FM

No Place for Outsiders in Regional Security Talks: Iranian Deputy FM

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran would hold talks only with regional countries when it comes to plans for security and stability in the region, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said, stressing that foreign parties have no right to interfere in regional issues.

In a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al Mohammad Al Sabah in the Arab country on Tuesday, the Iranian deputy foreign minister praised Kuwait’s efforts to develop understanding and compromise among the Persian Gulf countries.

He also described dialogue and non-interference from the extra-regional countries as two main elements in collective security across the region.

Considering the existing potential in the region, cooperation among the Persian Gulf countries in various fields could lead to a bright and promising future for the region, Araqchi noted.

The Iranian diplomat also emphasized that regional security and stability should be ensured by the region’s own countries, noting that it requires collective cooperation among the countries and non-interference from foreigners.

“From the viewpoint of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Persian Gulf security is an issue relating only to the regional countries, and Iran is ready to hold talks only with the regional states about it,” Araqchi added.

Elaborating on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy on the possible return of the US to the JCPOA, Araqchi dismissed any negotiations about the JCPOA or the subject beyond the nuclear deal, but noted that discussions can be held on how the whole parties would resume implementing the JCPOA within the Group5+1 format.

“Firstly, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hold talks with the 5+1 countries on any subject other than the way to implement the JCPOA, and, secondly, it (Iran) is ready to hold talks about the Persian Gulf security only with the regional countries and without any foreign interference,” Deputy Foreign Minister Araqchi stated.

For his part, the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister welcomed the continuation of consultations with Iran, describing dialogue and negotiations among the regional countries as the only appropriate solution to the disputes, IFP reported.

Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al Mohammad Al Sabah also highlighted Kuwait’s resolve and willingness for the expansion of relations between the two countries in various fields.

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