IRGC General: US, Saudis Frustrated in Yemen

IRGC General: US, Saudis Frustrated in Yemen

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said the Saudi-led coalition and its main sponsor, the US, have suffered a setback in their military campaign against Yemen.

In comments at a military gathering in Iran’s northern city of Qazvin on Wednesday, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi highlighted the failure of Saudi Arabia, which has been put at the forefront of the US-led military coalition against people of Yemen.

“Apparently Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi allies are in charge in the war (on Yemen). But the US is providing massive military support for them behind the scene. In spite of all these military arrangements, they have been frustrated in the battle of Yemen,” the commander added.

He also pointed to the US’ deep hostility towards the Iranian nation that has turned into direct confrontation with the Islamic Republic since 1986, saying those battles have resulted in successive and humiliating defeats for the arrogant enemy and the Zionists.

In remarks in March, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei praised the “talented” Yemeni people for their success in developing the required defense equipment to retaliate against the Saudi attacks, saying as soon as the Yemenis began to respond, the United States, and even the United Nations, raised an outcry against Yemen’s campaign of self-defense.

“It has been six years that America’s Arab partner has been bombarding the oppressed Yemeni people in homes, hospitals and schools. It has imposed an economic siege on (the people), blocking their access to food and medicine. This has been going on for six years with America’s green light,” the Leader deplored.