Viral Video Shows England Fans Attack Italians outside Wembley

Viral Video Shows England Fans Attack Italians outside Wembley

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Mayhem broke out outside the iconic Wembley Stadium on Sunday after England lost to Italy via penalty in the UEFA Euro 2020 final, as footage shows British fans violently attacking Italians after defeat.

The British supporters could not digest the defeat and unnecessarily attacked the Italian fans outside the stadium.

English fans not only slammed their Italian counterparts, but there was also a lot to do with racial abuse and the Italian national flag.

As the attempt to set the cloth on fire failed, another fan could be seen spitting at the Italian flag while another stepped on it repeatedly. Here’s footage of what happened.


British supporters stood outside Wembley in the hope that their side would win and be a big party, but this did not happen – they became agitated. Earlier, England got off to a great start when Luke Shaw found it in the back of the net in the second minute of the game. Italy, who dominated the ball, equalized in the 67th minute when Leonardo Bonucci scored.

But Italy were easily the better team on penalties as England missed out on three and there was no coming back.

Meanwhile, an ugly scene unfolded in London on Sunday as hundreds of fans without tickets tried to enter Wembley Stadium to watch the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England. Videos of fans creating ruckus and clashing with stewards and police surfaced on social media.

Despite the chaos on the streets, a Wembley Stadium spokesperson insisted in a press statement that there had been no breach of stadium security.

A spokesman for Wembley Stadium was quoted as saying by media reports: “We are dealing with an incident with the support of the police in the outer security perimeter area of ​​the stadium.”

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