IRGC Navy Ready for Rapid Reaction Operation: Gen. Salami

IRGC Navy Ready for Rapid Reaction Operation: Gen. Salami

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said that the IRGC naval forces are fully prepared to show a tough and rapid response to any enemy in the Persian Gulf region.

During a visit to IRGC naval units based in the Persian Gulf islands and the Strait of Hormuz, Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami praised the rising levels of defensive combat readiness of the IRGC units and said that the IRGC units have made significant progress in all fields of strength in the IRGC Navy, especially the construction and production of vessels and deploying long-range drones and naval guided missiles of various classes.

"Using new electronic warfare systems, the IRGC navy has been able to gain complete control over the geography of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz,” Major General Salamis said, adding, “The IRGC navy will become a incontrovertible force on the level of the Islamic Revolution to decisively defend the vital interests of our beloved country at the sea.”

Emphasizing that country’s defensive and offensive forces are fully prepared and ready for tough and ‘rapid reaction’ to any enemy threats, the Commander, said: "We are ready to for any scenarios and today we see some of these preparations on the blue shores of the Persian Gulf”.

Regarding the IRGC navy’s defensive and offensive capabilities, in the field of navigation, the commander said that the navy force has experienced significant progress in increasing the speed of its speedboats close to one hundred knots.

"In the field of UAVs, the IRGC navy has made considerable progress, and now this force has hundreds of reconnaissance, surveillance, combat and kamikaze drones with different ranges of up to 1200 km,” General Salami said, adding that IRGC navy force will keep to increase the range of its drones.

Regarding the field of cruise missiles, the General stated that the IRGC navy also has various missiles with a ranges of 35, 90, 300 and 700 km.

“In near future, a cruise missile with a range of 2000 km and the capability of targeting moving vessels will be developed in the navy force,” General Salami stated.

The IRGC Commander continued to say that in the field of electronic warfare, “the IRGC navy has developed, various [signal] collecting systems, disruptors and offensive electronic warfare systems, which have added both defensive and offensive capabilities to the force”.

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