Cinema Vérité Festival: Review of Past Award Winners

Cinema Vérité Festival: Review of Past Award Winners

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The 15th edition of the Iran International Documentary Film Festival, known as the Cinema Vérité, will be held in December. In the previous events, dozens of renowned Iranian and foreign filmmakers were awarded in the festival, many of whom have now passed away.

Since the start of the Cinema Vérité Festival in 2007, several acclaimed cinematic figures have been awarded in different editions of the international event.

In different periods of the festival, some great documentary filmmakers have been honored for a lifetime of artistic activity, such as Nasser Taqvaei, Manouchehr Tayab, and Khosrow Sinaei.

Cinema Vérité Festival is now approaching its 15th edition, and in this period, as in the previous rounds, some well-known figures of documentary cinema will be honored.

Looking at the previous fourteen editions, we will see that, apart from the first period, various documentarians were honored. Richard Likak, the world's oldest documentary filmmaker, was awarded the Honorary Cinema Medal at the second edition of the festival in 2008, but the Turquoise Medal was awarded to Iranian filmmakers from the third edition, and Manouchehr Tayab won the award for a lifetime of continuous and effective activity in the field of documentary cinema.

Khosrow Sinaei and Morteza Shabani were two documentarians who were honored for their activities at the 4th edition of the event. In the fifth period, Hossein Torabi and Farhad Varhram were praised, while in the sixth period, no commemoration ceremony was held.

Nasser Taqvaei and Hassan Bani Hashemi were honored for their lifetime of artistic activity at the 7th Cinema Vérité Festival.

In the eighth edition, a commemoration ceremony was held for Zavan Ghokasian, Reza Mohiman, and Mahmoud Kiani-Falavarjani.

In the ninth period, a commemoration ceremony was held for Mohammad Reza Moqaddassian and Morteza Nedayi, two late documentary filmmakers who had died sometime before the festival.

Hamid Eslami and Manouchehr Asgari Nasab, along with a group of documentarians from Kerman, were honored at the 10th Cinema Vérité Festival. During the closing ceremony, Professor Freilinger, who had helped the victims of chemical attacks during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, was also honored.

In the 11th edition of the festival, a celebration was held for Mostafa Razzaq Karimi and Saadat Ali Saeedpour. In the commemoration ceremony of the 12th festival, which was on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Turquoise Medal was awarded to Hossein Torabi and Manouchehr Moshiri for their artistic activities.

In the 13th edition, Ahmad Zabeti Jahromi and Manouchehr Tayab were honored.

Three pioneering documentarians of Iranian documentary cinema, including Kamran Shirdel, Mahvash Sheikhalaslami, and Farshad Fadaian, were honored at the 14th edition of the festival, which also paid tribute to the recently deceased documentarians Manouchehr Tayab, Akbar Alemi, Khosrow Sinaei, and Hamid Soheili.

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