Entire UAE within Range, Yemen Warns

Entire UAE within Range, Yemen Warns

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Information Minister of Yemen's National Salvation Government Zeifollah al-Shami said the recent drone operation against the UAE is a legitimate and legal retaliation, adding that the entire country is within range of the Yemeni military.

"The attack by the Yemeni armed forces against the UAE was part of a legal and legitimate response that was carried out in retaliation to the escalation of war by the UAE and its continuous military actions against the people of Yemen," he said in an interview with Tasnim News Agency.

Al-Shami stressed that the UAE is carrying out such attacks while it had previously officially announced its withdrawal from Yemen, but not only did it not withdraw its forces, but also intensified airstrikes and increased its plots against Yemen and its people.

Calling the operation a legitimate reaction against enemies of Yemeni people, the official also underlined that the equations have changed, and that the most important message of this operation was to tell the UAE that its entire territory will be within range and reach of the Yemeni military and if they continue to carry out attacks against Yemen and keep killings its people, there will be retaliation.

On Monday morning, the Yemeni army launched a drone operation inside the UAE after the country’s military warned against Abu Dhabi’s escalation of war in Yemen a week earlier.

Later the day, Abu Dhabi confirmed the attack and said that a drone attack caused an explosion involving three oil tankers in Abu Dhabi and a fire in the construction site of the Emirate’s new airport extension.

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