Iran, Russia, China Kick Off Naval Drills in Indian Ocean

Iran, Russia, China Kick Off Naval Drills in Indian Ocean

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran, Russia, and China, began the 2022 Marine Security Belt naval drills in the northern Indian Ocean on Friday, as the Chinese Navy sends the destroyer Urumqi to the Gulf of Oman to participate in the CHIRU-2Q22 joint drills.

"According to the plan, various tactical maneuvers will take place, including actions to rescue a ship on fire, release a hijacked ship and hit naval targets during the day and at night," said spokesman for the drills Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajoddini.

The drill, will be staged in the northern parts of the Indian Ocean, will involve forces from the marine and airborne units of the Iranian Navy, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy, and flotillas from China and Russia, Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajeddini said.

The spokesman had on Thursday noted that participants in the drill will practice various tactics and operations, such as rescuing ablaze vessels, saving hijacked vessels, shooting at targets, nocturnal shooting at aerial targets, and other tactical maneuvers.

The Russian Eastern Military District’s press service for the Pacific Fleet said on January 19 that three Pacific Fleet ships had arrived in the Iranian port of Chabahar for the joint exercise.

The naval task force embarked on a long-distance mission from Russia’s Vladivostok a few days before the start of 2022.

In the meantime, the Chinese Navy has sent the destroyer Urumqi to the Gulf of Oman for the CHIRU-2Q22 joint drills with the Russian and Iranian navies, China’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday.

"China has sent the missile destroyer Urumqi, the comprehensive supply ship Taihu, shipborne helicopters, and 40 marines to participate in the drills," the ministry said in a statement posted on the WeChat social media.

The drills are aimed at deepening practical cooperation among the navies of the three countries, China’s Defense Ministry specified.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported earlier on Thursday that the Russian-Chinese-Iranian naval exercises CHIRU-2Q22 were being held in the Gulf of Oman and the airspace above it on January 18-22.

Russia is represented in the drills by the Pacific Fleet’s task force made up of the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine warfare ship Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma, it specified.


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