Iranian Embassy Reject Baseless Pakistani Daily’s Claims Regarding Yemen-UAE Conflicts

Iranian Embassy Reject Baseless Pakistani Daily’s Claims Regarding Yemen-UAE Conflicts

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran rejected baseless accusations against Tehran by a Pakistani daily regarding a conflict between the UAE an the war-torn Yemen.

Responding to the baseless accusations, the Iranian embassy said that constructive approach of Iran is based on good neighborliness to establish a ceasefire and resolve disputes between Yemen and the countries involved in the war against the impoverished Arab country, IRNA areported.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Press Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy in Islamabad said that an editorial published in the esteemed Pakistani daily newspaper "Dawn" on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, under the headline "UAE was targeted," made negative and baseless accusations and allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Embassy categorically denied the allegations in its statement, noting that making such claims would harm public opinion of the two countries' relations and obscure the positive dimensions of relations and cooperation between the two governments for peace and long-term stability in the region.

Such viewpoints, it added, ignore the Islamic Republic of Iran's respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors, including the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran's constructive approach based on good neighborliness to establish a ceasefire, resolve disputes among the countries involved in the Yemen crisis, and end this human crisis.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's government is working hard to keep the region peaceful and secure.

According to the statement, the Dawn Editorial accused Iran of supporting the attack on the UAE without providing any evidence or documentation. Furthermore, while the UN has established that Iran was not engaged in the attack on Aramco oil facilities, it is unclear on what basis and with what proof the publication made the accusation.

“Regarding the published material and the baseless accusation of Iran's possible role in the attacks on Aramco oil installations, while explicitly and seriously denying this accusation, the esteemed editor is requested to take note of the UN report on this incident, which states: The United Nations has not found any evidence that the Islamic Republic of Iran was involved in this incident and rejects such a claim,” it noted.

In September and November, the UN sent a team of weapons experts to Saudi Arabia to examine missile and drone wreckage, according to the report.

The Saudis told the United Nations that 18 unmanned vehicles were employed in the attack on Abqaiq, and four cruise missiles were utilized in the attack on the Khurais oil plant, during their tour.

Three more cruise missiles missed their intended target. According to the study, "at this time, [the United Nations secretariat] is unable to independently confirm that the cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles employed in those strikes were of Iranian origin and were transferred in a manner inconsistent with the Iran nuclear deal."

"It is obvious that the publication of negative and untruthful material is incompatible with good neighborliness and the growing trajectory of comprehensive relations between the two friendly and brotherly countries of Iran and Pakistan," the embassy said.

"It is expected of your esteemed daily newspaper to refrain from publishing articles without sufficient research on their accuracy and authenticity."

The statement also demanded that a reply be published in the journal in accordance with the law of the press.

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