China Introduces Plan on Better Post-COVID World

China Introduces Plan on Better Post-COVID World

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – China’s ambassador to Iran has expounded on a new initiative put forward by the Chinese president on joint action to create a better post-COVID world, saying the international community should work together to defeat the pandemic and help the world economy.

What follows is the article written by Chang Hua, China’s ambassador to Tehran, about concerted action to address the coronavirus-related troubles:

Jointly Create a Better Post-COVID World

On January 17, President Xi Jinping attended the 2022 World Economic Forum Virtual Session upon invitation, and was the first national leader to deliver an address at the forum. Holding high banner of a community of a shared future for mankind, Xi’s speech focused on jointly creating a better post-COVID world. With the background of a changing world and viewing the future humanity, His Excellency stated that the international community should work together to defeat the pandemic and put forward fundamental solutions to promote steady recovery of the world economy, practical ways to bridge the development gap, and the right way for countries to get along.

First, to provide confidence for jointly defeat the COVID pandemic. The pandemic is proving a protracted one, resurging with more variants and spreading faster than before. It poses a serious threat to people’s safety and health as well as economic and social activities globally. Facing the complicated situation of fighting COVID, Xi pointed out that countries are not riding separately in some 190 small boats, but are rather all in a giant ship on which our shared destiny hinges. The only right way to defeat the pandemic is to strengthen our confidence and cooperation. Countries need to carry out active cooperation on research and development of medicines, jointly build multiple lines of defense against the coronavirus, ensure equitable distribution of vaccines, quicken vaccination, close the global immunization gap, and speed up efforts to build a global community of health for all.

Second, to inject impetus into the stable recovery of the world economy. In the face of the severe impact of the pandemic on the world economy and global governance, Xi stated that we need to explore new drivers of economic growth, new modes of social life and new pathways for people-to-people exchange, in a bid to facilitate cross-border trade and keep industrial and supply chains secure and smooth. Countries around the world should uphold true multilateralism, build an open world economy and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all. Major economies should see the world as one community, think in a more systematic way, increase policy transparency and information sharing, and coordinate the objectives, intensity and pace of fiscal and monetary policies. Major developed countries should adopt responsible economic policies, manage policy spillovers, and avoid severe impacts on developing countries.

Third, to contribute to revitalizing global development. The process of global development is seriously impacted by the pandemic, while poverty alleviation outcomes are removed and inflation, debt, energy and supply chain crises are intertwined. Developing countries are hard hit, and the North-South gap and development divide keep enlarging. Dealing with the common task of development, Xi stressed that we must adhere to a people-centered philosophy, place development and livelihoods front and center in global macro-policies, build greater synergy among existing mechanisms of development cooperation to promote balanced development worldwide. Developed economies should create the necessary conditions for developing countries to address climate change and achieve sustainable development. China stands ready to work with all partners to jointly translate the Global Development Initiative into concrete actions and make sure that no country is left behind in this process.

Fourth, to build consensus on promoting mutual benefit for all countries. In world today, the Cold War mentality resurfaces and protectionism and unilateralism rampage. Xi responded to the common aspiration of the international society for development and win-win results, unequivocally opposed all forms of unilateralism, protectionism, hegemony or power politics, and empathized that different countries and civilizations may prosper together on the basis of respect for each other, and seek common ground and win-win outcomes by setting aside differences. His Excellency stated that we should follow the trend of history, work for a stable international order, advocate common values of humanity, and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

The year 2022 marks a key year for Chinese people to embark on the new journey toward the second centenary goal. The international community pays close attention to China's current development and policy direction in the next stage. In the speech, Xi introduced the historical achievement and good momentum of China’s development, pointed out that the fundamentals of China's economy, characterized by strong resilience, enormous potential and long-term sustainability, remain unchanged, and identified that China would stay committed to pursuing high-quality development, reform and opening-up, promoting ecological conservation and high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, to provide more opportunities for cooperation among countries and inject more impetus into the world economic recovery and growth.

Both China and Iran boast a long history of civilization and important influence. The two countries are also significant forces to maintain world peace and security, preserve multilateralism, safeguard fairness and justice, and oppose hegemonism and power politics. Last year, China and Iran, under the guidance of the two heads of state, took the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties as an opportunity to strengthen solidarity and cooperation and deepen political mutual trust, making new achievements in bilateral relations and writing a new chapter in bilateral friendship.

Several days ago, Iranian Foreign Minister Abdollahian paid a successful visit to China. The two sides jointly announced the launch of the implementation of the comprehensive cooperation plan and agreed to step up cooperation in various fields, to deliver more tangible outcomes of cooperation. China stands ready to work with Iran to constantly enrich the two sides’ comprehensive strategic partnership, and open a new 50-year period for the development of bilateral relations.


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