Heavy Snowfall Causes Major Disruptions, Car Accidents in Iran (+Video)

Heavy Snowfall Causes Major Disruptions, Car Accidents in Iran (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Heavy snowfall caused major disruptions in Iran, leaving people stranded on highways and forcing schools to close in some parts of the country.

This week’s blizzard left parts of the country covered with a thick layer of snow. Iranian army tanks were deployed to rescue stranded drivers on highways of Hamadan province.

Also some villages and relief workers were reported to have been blocked and needed to be reached by helicopters or armored personnel carriers.



This came as meteorologists warn that weather conditions will remain difficult over the next few days in some countries.

While many social media users seem excited about the unusual scenes of snowfall in videos on Twitter, others say it’s a harsh reminder of the dangers of climate change.

Unusually heavy snowfall has also caused major disruptions in Greece and Turkey.

Istanbul Airport, one of the busiest in Europe, announced the suspension of its flight operations “due to adverse weather conditions.” Flights have also been disrupted in other airports, both in Turkey and Greece.

The government of Greece announced a general public holiday on Tuesday, with all public services, except those that are vital, halted, and non-essential shops forced to close. People in Greece are advised not to leave their homes unless it is necessary.

In Turkey, many shops and food delivery services have been forced to close due to weather-related issues. Schools have also been shut down in some parts of the country.

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