Iran, Venezuela Push for Closer Energy Cooperation

Iran, Venezuela Push for Closer Energy Cooperation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Venezuelan leader and the oil minister of Iran weighed plans to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in various fields relating to the energy, oil and petrochemical industries.

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji met in Tehran on Monday.

The two officials discussed a range of issues in the meeting, including plans for supplying fuel, the export of oil and petrochemical products, and the export of petrochemical catalysts.

They also made a series of decisions about the export of technical and engineering services, renovation and reconstruction of refineries, and the development of oil and gas fields.

The Venezuelan president visited Iran as part of an international tour that took him earlier to Turkey and Algeria.

In early May, Owji visited Venezuela to prepare the ground for closer cooperation between Tehran and Caracas in the energy industry.