Iran Offers to Dispatch Medical Teams to Quake-Hit Afghanistan

Iran Offers to Dispatch Medical Teams to Quake-Hit Afghanistan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian expressed sympathy to Afghans over the casualties and damages following a recent deadly earthquake, saying Iran is ready to deploy medical teams to the neighboring country.

In a telephone conversation with the acting head of Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry Amir Khan Muttaqi on Friday, Amirabdollahian offered condolences over the recent earthquake that has caused heavy fatalities and damages in the neighboring country.

The top Iranian diplomat sympathized with the people affected by the quake, saying part of the assistance provided by Iran had been swiftly sent in the form of two planeloads of aid to Afghanistan.

He also spoke about the dispatch of the Iranian Red Crescent Society’s rescue and search teams to Afghanistan, adding, “As in the past, we stand by the noble and patient people of Afghanistan and we are ready to send medical teams if needed.”

Amirabdollahian further referred to Iran’s right to water from the Hirmand River. He underlined that Iran seriously wants the rulers of Afghanistan to engage in necessary and serious cooperation regarding fulfillment of their part of commitments under binding bilateral agreements as to Iran’s water right and the border waters, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

Amirabdollahian also urged the rulers of Afghanistan to resolve the issue and turn it into a factor in strengthening cooperation and friendship between the two countries and nations.

He then expressed hope that Iran and Afghanistan would cooperate in the process of fighting organized crimes and the sinister phenomenon of drug and human trafficking as well as fighting terrorism.

For his part, Muttaqi thanked Iranian officials for offering condolences and expressing sympathy over the earthquake in Afghanistan. He also appreciated Iran’s move to send aid to the quake-hit people in a timely manner, adding that the Afghan people also welcome and appreciate the move.

Muttaqi further thanked Iran for providing extensive services for the Afghan people in the current difficult situation and said Afghanistan is determined to expand ties with Iran.

Calling for the dispatch of an agricultural delegation and an anti-narcotics team to Iran, Muttaqi welcomed the continuation of bilateral consultations and the dispatch of a specialized team from the Energy Ministry of Iran for the purpose of pursuing Iran’s water rights.

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck about 44 kilometers (27 miles) from the eastern Afghan city of Khost, early on Wednesday, which local officials described as the deadliest earthquake to hit the country in two decades.

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