Russian Forces Take Control of Lisichansk Oil Refinery

Russian Forces Take Control of Lisichansk Oil Refinery

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic ambassador to Moscow Rodion Miroshnik stated via Telegram on Thursday that the Lysychansk oil refinery was completely taken by Russian and LPR forces.

"The territory of Ukraine’s biggest oil refinery - the Lisichansk oil refinery - has been taken under control of union forces. Shootouts continued in the refinery’s industrial zone for several days and now Ukrainian units have been dislodged from the plant’s territory. Militants have escaped, leaving shelters and weapons," he wrote, TASS reported.

In addition, units of allied forces advancing through the city from the southeast have completed the mopping-up of the industrial zone and surrounding outbuildings near the Lisichansk industrial rubber plant, the ambassador said. "The mopping-up of the already controlled territory of the city of Lisichansk continues," he stated.

On Wednesday, Miroshnik reported that about a half of Lisichansk was under LPR’s and Russian forces’ control.

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