Middle East’s Biggest Space Center Under Construction in Iran

Middle East’s Biggest Space Center Under Construction in Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran is constructing the largest space center of the Middle East in its southeastern port city of Chabahar, Minister of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) Issa Zarepoor said.

During a visit to Sistan and Balouchestan Province on Thursday, the ICT minister said the Chabahar Space Center, currently under construction, will become the largest space center in the Middle East.

The first phase of the center, 56% of which has been completed, will come into operation in early February 2025, he said.

Zarepoor also unveiled plans for the first launch from the new base in the current Persian year, which will end on March 20, 2025.

The space facility, planned to cater to Iranian satellite launches, will also promote the country’s cooperation with international partners and increase its revenue.

Iran's pursuit of space exploration and its associated advantages has prompted the nation to take significant strides in satellite technology.

The Imam Khomeini National Space Center, Iran's inaugural fixed launch site, has played a pivotal role in the country's space endeavors since its inauguration in 2017. This facility encompasses all stages of space missions, from satellite preparation to launch, control, and guidance.

Situated in the northern province of Semnan, the Imam Khomeini National Space Center effectively fulfills Iran's requirements in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) during its final phase.

The Chabahar Space Center is explicitly designated as a non-military launch center, intended for live payload launches, as well as the deployment of Earth observation and communication satellites into geosynchronous orbit. These operations necessitate specific conditions, ideally close to the equatorial region, to minimize launch costs and orbital adjustments.

The Chabahar Space Center is poised to unlock new possibilities in the realm of space exploration, enhancing both Iranian capabilities and international collaboration.

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