MP Views US Definition of Terrorism in Syria as "Unacceptable"

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iranian lawmaker lashed out at the US for its definition of terrorism in Syria, and stressed that Washington’s stance is a way to justify its arm support for terrorist groups in Syria.

MP Views US Definition of Terrorism in Syria as "Unacceptable"

Member of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Baqer Hosseini said on Friday that the United States has classified anti-government terrorists in Syria into 'moderate' and 'radical' terrorists, and noted that Washington is trying to conceal its inhumane activities in Syria.

He addded that the US move is aimed at portraying itselfe as an advocate of human rights by defining such boundaries.

The Iranian parliamentarian also noted that certain Western states and their reactionary Arab allies in the region are sending militants to Syria in a bid to turn the course of developments in the country into a war of attrition.

In June, The Washington Post reported that US President Barack Obama has a diffuse strategy in Syria. He has decided to arm the opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but, at the same time, he claims to be looking for a political solution.

The newspaper pointed out that Obama wants to reinforce what he considers the “moderate armed opposition” and wants to make it "strong enough" to negotiate with the other camp during the period of political transition, which could be opened as a result of the Geneva Conference II.

The US-led backing of the mostly al-Qaeda-linked Takfiri militants in Syria, continues despite many reports by international media and human rights group about major atrocities and war crimes being committed by the insurgents against Syrian civilians and pro-government forces.

Takfiris are radical Muslims that engage in violent attacks and killing of anyone, including other Muslims, that disagrees with their deviant interpretation of Islam.


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