Bolivian Envoy Slams US as Biggest Violator of Human Rights

Bolivian Envoy Slams US as Biggest Violator of Human Rights

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Bolivian Ambassador to Tehran Jorge Miranda Luizaga lashed out at Washington for its "hypocritical policy", and condemned widespread violation of human rights by the US.

“This country (the US) just claims to be a defender of human rights and everyone knows that this country itself commits human rights violations more than other countries,” the Bolivian envoy told Tasnim.

Commenting about Bolivian President Evo Morales’ call for a conference against imperialism and colonialism, Luizaga announced that the US launched military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretext of advocating human rights, but the attacks claimed numerous lives.

The Bolivian ambassador also expressed his country’s eagerness to further expand relations with Iran in future, and hailed Tehran-La Paz ties as “actual and extensive”.

Luizaga said on Monday that Bolivia will hold a conference against imperialism and colonialism in Bolivia’s Cochabamba city in the near future.

The decision made by the Bolivian president came in reaction to the recent move by four European countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal and France) in refraining to permit the plane carrying him to pass through their air space, suspecting that the plane was carrying the US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden aboard from Moscow to La Paz.

The suspicion was later proved to be baseless and unfounded.



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