Iran's Envoy Rejects Hezbollah's Involvement in 2012 Bombing in Bulgaria

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حزب الله و الاتحاد الاوروبي

TEHRAN (Tasnim)- A senior Iranian diplomat strongly rejected the possibility of Lebanese Hezbollah’s alleged involvement in last year bus bombing in Bulgaria.

“There is absolutely no reason that Hezbollah wanted to carry out that bombing (operation), which led to killing of  at least five Israeli tourists,” Iranian Ambassador to Sofia Abdollah Nourouzi told Bulgarian national radio station.

“Why should Hezbollah intend to get involved in the last year bombing in Bulgaria?” he asked, reiterating, “Hezbollah has thus far acted very wisely and therefore there is no logical justification for that movement’s involvement in such acts.”

After the 2012 bomb explosion in a bus in Bulgaria the Zionist regime claimed that the terrorist act had been conducted by Hezbollah, but Hezbollah immediately denied the allegation.

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