Iran's Parliament Begins Third Day of Debates on Rouhani's Cabinet

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روحانی مجلس

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian lawmakers on Wednesday morning began their third day of debates on President Hassan Rouhani’s proposed ministers.

The Iranian MPs’ debate on qualification of Rouhani's mominees began at the Parliament on Monday, August 12, and continued on Tuesday.

President Rouhani attended Monday's sessions and the Tuesday morning session in a bid to defend his proposed ministers.

On Tuesday, the Iranian lawmakers held debates on qualification of six ministers.

Rouhani had unveiled the list of his proposed cabinet members during his swearing-in ceremony on August 4.

Earlier, a member of Parliament’s Presiding Board Zarqam Sadeqi told Tasnim that debates on qualifications of the proposed cabinet will not end on Wednesday likely to continue on Saturday.



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