Speaker: New US Logic for Intervention Tramples on All Int’l Norms

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The international norms and law are the first casualty of the logic the US has adopted to put a facade of legality on a possible military embroilment in Syria, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Sunday.

Speaker: New US Logic for Intervention Tramples on All Int’l Norms

“The US has practically trampled on the entire international norms with this type of logic that it presents in its war rhetoric. If the US does not abide by the UN Security Council (decisions in this case), why does it believe that in other cases the UNSC decisions must be respected by other countries,” Larijani said.

He argued that such double standards on the international arena are the root cause of instability and insecurity in the world.

The US and Britain failed to secure the permission of the UN Security Council to wage war on Syria, and the British parlaiment rejected a motion supporting the principle of military intervention in Syria, still they continue to rally support for an attack, Larijani added.

The Iranian Parliament speaker critisized the US officials for trying to preempt the report of the UN team who carried out four days of inspection in Syria, saying, "If you had any document implicating the Syrian government in the chemical attack, why did not you present it in the UN Security Council?"

Syria denies US charges that its army used chemical weapons on August 21, instead blaming the foreign-backed rebels for the deadly attack.

United Nations experts investigating the chemical attack left Syria on Saturday after four days of investigation in the areas hit by chemical weapons.

The Parliament speaker also rejected a claim by US officials that they had telephone intercepts proving the Syrian government carried out, saying," It later turned out that the Zionist regime made this claim."

Larijani also condemned some Arab countries that have promised to pay for a possible US attack against Syria, saying “The most painful issue here is some Islamic countries, in tandem with Israel, are lobyying the US for war (on Syria); such moves are the real cause of the backwardness and problems afflicting the Islamic Ummah."

While the specter of an attack was looming, US President Barack Obama decided to delay possible military action in Syria as he sent the US Congress draft legislation seeking approval for the use of force.


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