MP: Anti-Iran Sanctions Backfire

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A senior Iranian lawmaker said those countries which imposed sanctions against the Islamic Republic have incurred great losses on themselves.

MP: Anti-Iran Sanctions Backfire

The US-led sanctions against Iran have had greater negative impacts on the imposing countries than the Islamic Republic, head of the foreign relations committee of Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Vahid Ahmadi told Tasnim on Tuesday.

“Although the Islamic Republic of Iran came under some pressure from the sanctions, it could achieve numerous scientific, political, military and economic achievements in the face of such pressures,” the lawmaker added, noting that the countries which slapped sanctions on Tehran, did so at the expense of their own economies.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Vice-Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Seyed Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabifard also said the anti-Iran western sanctions, in effect since the victory of Islamic Revolution, have resulted in the country’s self-sufficiency and reliance on its local potentials.

“The western sanctions and economic blockade against Iran, in place since the Islamic Revolution’s victory (in 1979), have led to Iran’s self-sufficiency and reliance on the science and knowledge of local elites and scientists,” he stated.

He also cited the advances in the field of peaceful nuclear technology as a good example of the country's progress.

Iran has been under US sanctions since shortly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The West's dispute with Iran over its peaceful nuclear program gave the US and its allies a further pretext to impose tougher sanctions against the country. 

It has been hit with dozens of sanctions in the last ten years. Some of them are based on UN Security Council resolutions, others are decisions by the European Union, others are acts of the US Congress and still others are executive orders by the US president.

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