Iran Carries out Drills to Detect Cyber Vulnerabilities

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Civil Defense Organization has planned several cyber drills to determine the weak points of the country’s major istitutions, such as the Central Bank, an official said.

Iran Carries out Drills to Detect Cyber Vulnerabilities

Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization General Gholam Reza Jalali, speaking to Tasnim News Agency on Tuesday, said a series of specialized drills have been carried out in a number of key organizations, like the Central Bank, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and a mobile phone operator to detect their vulnerabilities.

“They had many weak points, and we gave them the necessary warnings to remove the weaknesses,” he explained.

The Iranian official further pointed to the country’s high degree of preparedness to handle a range of contingencies, and said his organization has carried out plans to train people how to deal with nuclear threats in different provinces.

Describing Iran as a “nuclear country,” Jalali said 12 different provinces host nuclear facilities at the time being, and noted that the Civil Defense Organization has defined a structure, for instance, for alarming the residents in case of nuclear hazards or incidents.

“People should have the necessary preparedness and training in the nuclear issue, because Iran, however, is a nuclear country,” he pointed out.

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