Iran Unveils Advanced Radar System

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian navy unveiled an advanced phased array radar system, which has been designed and manufactured by the Iranian Navy experts.

Iran Unveils Advanced Radar System

The new phased array radar system, dubbed “Asr” (Era), was unveiled by high-ranking Iranian military officials in a special ceremony on Wednesday, held ahead of the National Navy Day, which falls on November 28 this year.

The home-made radar system is considered an advanced and effective tool for the country’s naval forces.

Iran is now using the most recent achievements in the sphere of radars and smart systems.

Among the new achievements is a modern radar system dubbed the Rejal (men), which is said to be capable of detecting, tracking and processing nearly 100 targets simultaneously.

Some other domestically-developed systems are the Rafee (lofty) – a modern digital altimeter - and ‘Passive’ radar system, as well as locally-developed phased array radar systems.

New passive phased array radars are capable of detecting stealth targets and cruise missiles.

Iran has, on different occasions, announced that its military might is in line with the country's defense doctrine of deterrence and poses no threat to other countries.

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