Iranian Speaker Draws Analogy between Israel, Apartheid

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s parliament speaker said the Israeli regime’s brutal policies towards Palestinians show how the Zionist regime stacks up against apartheid in South Africa, adding that the Tel Aviv regime is the embodiment of modern fascist racism.

Iranian Speaker Draws Analogy between Israel, Apartheid

Addressing an open session of the Iranian parliament on Sunday, December 8, Ali Larijani said the Zionist regime of Israel embodies the modern fascist racism, and added, “For several decades, the Zionist regime has had a more violent behavior towards Palestinians than that of the racist regime in South Africa.”

The Iranian speaker also lambasted certain western countries and the US for backing Israel, and slammed the all-out support for the Zionists as a “recurring ludicrous comedy” that comes under the pretext of support for human rights, while the brutal murder of Palestinians in their homes are in progress.

Larijani further affirmed that the key to the Palestinian nation’s victory against Israel is resistance, the same factor that led to Nelson Mandela’s success in South Africa.

The resistance groups in Palestine, which are mainly centered in the Gaza Strip, are against any deal with Israel that falls short of their aspiration of liberating all Palestinian lands occupied by the Zionist regime.

But the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas is in talk with Israel for a Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders, with East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital. But more than 200 settlements and outposts in the West Bank including in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) that have dotted their land and house more than 500,000 Jews make that dream ever more elusive. The settlements are considered illegal under international law.

And to the disappointment of the Palestinians who want their own state, Israel keeps building more housing units in the illegal settlements and has refused to accept pre-1967 borders.

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