Iran Formulates New Defensive Doctrine to Confront US: Official

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iran has spent three years to draw up a major plan to defend the country in case of possible military confrontation with the US, a civil defense official announced Monday.

Iran Formulates New Defensive Doctrine to Confront US: Official

Addressing a conference on defense engineering sciences in Tehran on Monday, Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali said the country has devised a new doctrine to confront the US.

“It needed almost three years to devise the new doctrine of countering the US, which is based on refraining from concentration (of forces) in specific spots to become a (single) target (for enemy),” Jalali said.

He also pointed to the new tactics in the modern warfare, and noted that the asymmetrical battles in the contemporary era require the countries to follow the principles of “civil defense”.

Jalali further stressed that engineering sciences play a major role in the modern warfare.

He said Iran embarked on formulating a plan to modify performance of military forces and turning them into a more manageable structure, as well as a chang in the use of arms in a bid to increase military forces' capability and their targeting ability as well as destructive power.

In relevant remarks in October last year, Jalali had announced that three bases tasked with confronting a broad range of threats have been in place in the last two years, adding that a fourth base is due to come into service in the future.

He had stated that three defense bases work under the Civil Defense Organization’s supervision to counter cyber, radiation and biological-chemical threats.

As regards the capabilities of cyber defense division, the Iranian official said cyber teams are fully prepared to fend off enemy threats against the country’s oil production facilities.

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