25 Countries to Attend Iran Auto Industry Conference

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خودرو سازی فرانسه

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Auto factories from 25 countries including Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and South Korea expressed their willingness to attend the 2nd International Conference on Iran Auto Industry.

According to Tasnim dispatches, the attendance of auto and automotive parts factories from several countries including Germany, India, Italy, China, France, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, Austria, UAE, Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Taiwan has been finalized so far.

Over 400 foreign guests and participants, including the CEOs, vice-presidents and other representatives of these companies will take part in this conference and this shows the importance of Iran’s auto industry and market at regional level.

Auto industry’s strategic plan, the pre-requisites of attracting investment in this field, current situation in the auto industry, and the perspective, goals, and policies of this industry will be discussed in the 2nd International Conference on Iran Auto Industry.

Investment opportunities in Iran, policies and rules to attract foreign investments, and investors’ expectations of the conference and their opinion will be other key issues in the conference.


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