Iranian Advisor Deplores West's Approach Towards Human Rights

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مستشار رئیس المجلس حسین شیخ الاسلام

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An advisor to the speaker of Iran’s parliament sharply criticized on Monday Western countries' double standards on the issue of human rights, describing their attitude as “tactical, not strategic”.

“A drawback to Western view of human rights is that they do not consider it as a strategic issue, but approach it tactically,” Hossein Sheikholeslam said today in Tehran.

“In Western viewpoint, the issue of human rights is negotiable in one place, and opposable in another due to its inconsistency with their interests,” Sheikholeslam explained, adding that the Western countries’ attitude on the human rights violations in Syria and Afghanistan are clear examples of such an approach.

He also condemned the Western countries’ muted response to Israeli’s atrocities against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and said they supported the Israeli regime in the onslaught that killed thousands of innocent people.

The Iranian advisor also pointed to the West's support for terrorist groups in Syria and said that Western countries allowed them to enter Syria through Turkey’s borders.

He made the remarks in a ceremony held at Tehran University on Monday, during which the 2014 edition of the report on human rights violations in the United States was released.

The 2014 edition of the report on human rights violations in the United States was released in a special ceremony held at Tehran University on Monday.

The 115 page document has been compiled by Iran's International Human Rights Center.

In the report, the Tehran-based rights group elaborates on different aspects of human rights violations across the United States in 2014.

Violation of prisoners’ rights, breach of privacy rights, violation of the rights of minorities, breaches of immigrants’ rights, racial discrimination, violation of children's rights, violation of freedom of speech, and sexual violence against women in the American society are among the issues raised in the report.


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