Russian Duma Member Lauds Iran in Face of Sanctions

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Member of the Russian State Duma Dmitry Saveliev hailed Iran’s success in withstanding the illegal sanctions imposed by the West over its peaceful nuclear program.

Russian Duma Member Lauds Iran in Face of Sanctions

In a ceremony in Moscow to mark the 35th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution, Saveliev described Iran as a “regional power” to which Russia pays much attention.

He also called for the expansion of Tehran-Moscow relations.

Iran’s ambassador to Russia, Mahdi Sanaei, also delivered a speech to the gathering.

The envoy said Iran has managed to make remarkable progress in nuclear technology, aerospace industry, stem cell sciences and the military field in spite of the international pressures and sanctions.

Such advances have made Iran “a unique country in the Middle East”, Sanaei added.

In recent years, the US and its Western allies have slapped cruel sanctions on Iran under the pretext that the country's peaceful nuclear program might have a covert drive towards acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.

Iranian officials assert that the US and some other Western states use the nuclear issue as an excuse to pile up pressure on the Islamic Republic which has faced the US-led sanctions for the past several decades following the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in the country.

Meanwhile, Russian officials have signaled willingness to benefit from Tehran’s experience in dealing with the unilateral sanctions imposed by the West.

Moscow’s call for using Iran’s experience in countering sanctions follows Washington’s imposition of tough sanctions on Moscow under the pretext that Russia is interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

The US has imposed a series of sanctions on allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, prompting Moscow to denounce "Cold War" tactics amid escalating violence in eastern Ukraine.

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