EU’s Mogherini Confident about Drive to Implement Iran Nuclear Conclusion

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini expressed confidence about the political will the parties engaged in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program will show to implement a comprehensive deal, whose text was finalized in Vienna on July 14.

EU’s Mogherini Confident about Drive to Implement Iran Nuclear Conclusion

Iran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany) on July 14 concluded more than two weeks of intensive talks in Vienna.

The negotiations resulted in a conclusion over the text of a comprehensive 159-page deal on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, after 22 months of talks.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Federica Mogherini read out a joint statement after conclusion of the marathon talks.

Following the statement, Ms. Mogherini gave an interview to Tasnim, expressing optimism about implementation of a final deal.

Here is what she told Tasnim’s Abbas Aslani in Vienna:

Tasnim: You mentioned that this is a historic day and how do you see this day. Do you think that this could be a turning point in Iran’s engagement with other parts of the world, Western parts mostly, the European part. How much are you optimistic to the implementation process in this term?

Mogherini: I’m very optimistic about implementation. I’ve seen the determination, the courage, the political will, the leadership of the Iranian delegation, and they know how much political capital has been invested in this process by the Iranian leadership and this makes me confident on the fact that the same political capital and the same determination and the same will will be put in the implementation of this agreement. It would not make any sense to negotiate for months and for years something so detailed and that not to implement it.

And I think it’s in the interests, not only of the international community but also, first of all, of the Iranians, of the Iranian people, of the Iranian leadership to proceed quickly and smoothly on the implementation and this could, yes indeed, change the nature of our relationship.

Tasnim: Some countries in the region are worried about the deal and they may be thinking that this could be something that dangerous to them. Do you think that this could contribute to peace in the region? Do they need to be worried about this or happy?

Mogherini: I understand the worries, and I think that whenever we face someone worried, instead of explaining why they shouldn’t be worried, we should understand why and listen to their reasons. On the other side, if we went out on stage today with Minister Zarif and announced that we don’t have a deal, that the deal is not possible, think of that scenario. That would have worried me.



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