Trump Says Will Renegotiate with Iran If Elected President

Trump Says Will Renegotiate with Iran If Elected President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that he will renegotiate the July 14 nuclear agreement with Iran if elected next president, a report said.

"If we have to wait until the next president is sworn in to revisit this nuclear weapons agreement, then the next president better be someone who knows how to negotiate and who will do what is best for the United States,” Trump wrote in a Tuesday op-ed in USA Today. 

"When I am elected president, I will renegotiate with Iran — right after I enable the immediate release of our American prisoners and ask Congress to impose new sanctions…," he further wrote.

Earlier Tuesday, US President Barack Obama cleared a significant political hurdle after he mustered enough Democratic votes to block a resolution disapproving the agreement.

Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Maria Cantwell of Washington, Gary Peters of Michigan and Ron Wyden of Oregon announced on Tuesday that they would endorse the accord, bringing the total number of Democratic votes to 42.

American lawmakers began on Tuesday the process of reviewing the nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers.

If the Republican bill is not filibustered by the Democrats, Obama will be forced to use his veto pen against the resolution disapproving of the agreement.

Congress has until September 17 to vote on the nuclear agreement. A Democratic filibuster in the Senate would be a clear victory for Obama to nip the process in the bud and prevent a chance for the lobbying to kick into high gear.

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