Iranian Naval Fleet Docks at Pakistan’s Karachi Port

Iranian Naval Fleet Docks at Pakistan’s Karachi Port

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iranian naval fleet docked at the Pakistani port of Karachi on Tuesday to convey the message of peace and friendship.

The Iranian fleet is comprised of Lavan logistic warship, Falakhan and Khanjar warships and troop-carrier Konarak warship.

Pakistan navy senior officer Commodore Mushtaq welcomed the four Iranian naval ships, according to Radio Pakistan website.

On September 25, Pakistan’s Rear Admiral Shah Sohail Masood said Tehran and Islamabad are resolved to enhance their naval cooperation.

"The Pakistani Navy is waiting for the arrival of Iran's naval ships for a goodwill visit to Karachi Port in the coming days," he further said.

Back in April, two warships of the Pakistani Navy docked at Iran’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas for four days.

On the final day of their stay in Iran, the Pakistanis held joint naval exercises with Iranian naval forces. 

The visit, which was a sign of close and brotherly ties between the two Muslim nations, conveyed the message of regional peace and solidarity and was meant to promote bilateral cooperation.

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