Veresk Bridge: Highest Railway Bridge North of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - One of the masterpieces of Iran's railways is Veresk Bridge. It has a global reputation and its name is mentioned with the title of "Victory Bridge" in the works which were published after the end of World War II.

Veresk Bridge: Highest Railway Bridge North of Iran

Veresk bridge construction which is the most important engineering events in the country’s railways, has been carried out by German and Austrian engineers and technical workers. The bridge has been registered on the National Heritage List for unique characteristics.

Veresk Bridge that in fact, is considered as one of the masterpieces of the world’s architecture is located in Veresk valley located 85 kilometers from the south of Ghaemshahr in Savadkouh and connects Tehran-North railways. The greatness of connecting these two great and hard way mountain of Abbas Abad is an undeniable truth. Even foreign tourists have admitted its greatness and the iron will of the designers and builders.

Today, Veresk Bridge is considered as a tourism attraction of the country, in addition to the special importance in the transportation industry and the access way to this bridge in the case of obtaining permission from authorities is from the East facades of Veresk.

It should be noted that the building unlike the claims of some people that said the bridge is built by a German engineer named Veresk is constructed by a Austrian architect named 'Walter Ainge Ray' in 1310 Hijri Shamsi (1931) and the name of this bridge is taken from the village named Veresk located on the north side of the bridge. Veresk village during the construction of the bridge had a population about 20 families.

The building was made of brick and cement and washed sand and there is no armature in its structure. In other words, this building is made of unaided cement.

Veresk Bridge volume has 66 meters arch span and 110 meters above the valley bottom which is total of 4,500 cubic meters. The total length of the bridge is 73.2 meters.

Source: Rasekhoon

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