Washington, London Funding White Helmets in Syria: British Analyst (+Video)

Washington, London Funding White Helmets in Syria: British Analyst (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A British journalist and political analyst said the White Helmets in Syria are being “supported, funded and equipped” by a number of foreign governments, including the US and UK.

“This is extraordinary. The Nusra Front is about two meters away from the White Helmets center. And just arriving in the first room, we are finding equipment that has been supplied by the UK, by the United States, by Germany, by other EU countries,” Vanessa Beeley told Tasnim while visiting Aleppo’s eye hospital after its full liberation last month.

“We are finding an absolute wealth of evidence that the White Helmets were being not only supported, funded and equipped by the UK government, the US government and EU governments, but they were also working hand in hand with Nusra Front who were right next door,” she added.

Tasnim also interviewed Janice Lee Korthamp, an American peace activist, inside the hospital.

“Well, there is the message they (the White Helmets) want to deliver and then there is what they actually do and they are two very different things. Their message is that they are humanitarians, their actions are that they are terrorists,” she said when asked about the White Helmets and their activities in the Arab country.

The White Helmets is a so-called search and rescue organization. For the last 3 years, the group has existed for the singular purpose of producing propaganda that dovetails with US-led foreign policy for Syria and its primary financiers are the US State Dept (via USAID), the British Foreign Office, The Netherlands, along with other EU member states and Qatar. Since at least 2011, each of these nation stakeholders has had a vested interest in overthrowing the Syrian government and destabilizing Syria. Direct funding to the White Helmets from these countries already exceeds $150 million - and they want a return on that investment which comes in the form of dramatic 'search and rescue' videos, some of which may have even been produced in Turkey, and which are then sent in a highly coordinated fashion to the editorial desks of CNN, NBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian and others. At no time have any of these western or PGCC-based 'journalists' ever queried the authenticity of the staged video and photographic productions supplied by the White Helmets.

Watch the video of the interview below: 



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