No Drug for Relieving Pains of Gaza People (+Video)

No Drug for Relieving Pains of Gaza People (+Video)

GAZA City (Tasnim) – The deadly medicine crisis is still ongoing in the Gaza Strip and the helpless people of the region facing acute shortages and more patients are dying in the war-torn region on a daily basis.

Probably, some of the ordinary citizens in Gaza can procure some of their needed medicines from the private pharmacies but it seems quite impossible for public health institutions to do so. These agencies in the Gaza Strip are experiencing their worst conditions and the worst crisis they have ever had.

Years of continued and brutal blockade on the Gaza Strip, has affected residents’ health and treatment and the crisis of drug shortage has become a daily problem in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza has been under the Zionists regime of Israel blockade since 2007 after Hamas forces seized control of the territory following a brief conflict with security forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the Western-backed Palestinian president based in the West Bank. Egypt, at odds with Hamas, also maintains a blockade.

That is while Gaza's two million people now have only 3 to 4 hours of power a day, forcing hospitals and other medical facilities to rely chiefly on generators and expensive fuel.

A UN report released recently said power shortages are deepening a humanitarian crisis, with hospitals in a precarious condition, water shortages increasing and raw sewage being dumped into the Mediterranean because treatment plants aren't functioning.

"The two million residents of Gaza are suffering through a humanitarian crisis that is entirely human-made," the report said. "It represents a complete failure of all parties to uphold their fundamental human rights obligations, including the inalienable right to life."

Ashraf al-Qidra, the spokesman for the Health Ministry in Gaza told Tasnim, “As the result of Zionist regime’s illegal and inhumane blockade on the Gaza Strip, now entered its 10th year, we are still suffering a real crisis in medical reserves."

"Even, we are facing shortage of treatment equipment and tools. We lack over 30 percent of drugs needed by patients and also lack over 40 percent of medical equipment and devices. The reason behind the shortage is blockade of border crossings by the Zionist regime."

"Zionists, even, prevent the entrance of humanitarian aid convoys to the Gaza Strip and this has added to the extent of crisis and drug scarcity in the region," he underlined.

The increase in the number of patients who suffer chronic diseases and the growing number of those who have been injured in airstrikes and the Zionist regime’s wars on the people of the Gaza Strip, have worsened the crisis. The region has witnessed three wars in this period in which thousands of people have lost their lives. And, the Gaza blockade has increased the problem of supplying the patients with medicines and medical needs.

Another Gaza citizen told  Tasnim, "If we refer to hospital for a simple burning, we should buy the treatment drugs from outside hospital that is while the patient is inside the hospital. Drugs are much expensive outside. We should buy them outside to be used for treatment of our patients in the hospital. Only private drugstores have the drug and buying it for Gaza residents is really difficult. There is no job opportunity and the rate of unemployment has reached its climax."

“Most of the drugs do not exist and the drugstores have only two thing, painkiller pillows as well as fever reducing medicines and ampoules. The situation is very much worse and it is worse for all people,” a Gaza citizen noted in an interview with Tasnim.

The most disappointing aspect of the drug crisis is its relations with the gap emerged among Palestinians amid consequences of blockade.

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