Russia's Security Service Prevents Series of Terrorist Attacks in Moscow Region

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پلیس روسیه

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Russia's intelligence service (FSB) detained members of a terrorist group, which united a Russian national and citizens of the Central Asian region, who had plotted in the Moscow region a series of terrorist attacks, FSB said.

FSB "stopped activities of the terrorist group, which plotted a series of terrorist attacks in public places, including on transport and in Moscow's big shopping centers, which use of suicide terrorists and powerful explosives," the service said in a statement, obtained by TASS.

"In a special operation, were identified and detained members of a terrorist group, including a curator - an emissary of the Daesh (also known as ISIL or ISIS) international terrorist organization, outlawed in Russia, who is a specialist in making explosives, and two suicide terrorists," FSB said.

The service found in the Moscow region a laboratory for making explosives.

"During the initial procedural actions, FSB learned the terrorist attacks had been plotted by leaders and emissaries of the Daesh international terrorist organization, who are in Syria, including Nazarov T.M. and Sirindzhonov A.M. - head of the ISIL demolisher school, both are on the international wanted list," FSB said, adding the terrorist organization consisted of a Russian national and three citizens of the Central-Asian region.

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