Shemshak: The Third Largest Ski Area in Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - In a country whose center is covered with two vast deserts including the hottest spot on earth (70 degrees Celsius in Dasht-e Lut), the last thing you’d expect to see is a ski resort.

Shemshak: The Third Largest Ski Area in Iran

But much to your amazement, you will find not just one but more than 20 ski resorts in Iran. Two of the most popular of these ski fields are located around the capital, Tehran. Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts in Iran, located in the majestic snowy peaks of Alborz Mountains offer a wide range of snow entertainments.

Shemshak ski resort which is a ninety-minute drive from the capital is the favorite ski resort for professional skiers, due to its steep slopes and tricky runs. But Shemshak is not all about pro skiers conquering one slope after another swishing by the amateurs and spectators.

There are a lot of rookie skiers who enjoy skiing at Shemshak and if there is occasional tumbling, that’s half of the fun. Now, for those who are captivated by snow and skiing, this can be a fresh opportunity, for travelling to Iran and renting skiing equipment will be cheap.

 If you desire no ski-related activities and just want to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains you may try Shemshak’s famous cable cars and join the small black dots travelling amidst the perpetual whiteness of Alborz heights.

 In Iran skiing is considered a luxury pastime and Shemshak is the place that attracts the more audacious and adventurous youth. As an ideal holiday spot for skiers especially in January and February, Iran ski resorts including Shemshak, provide quality accommodation.

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