Germany Says to Continue to Support Full JCPOA Implementation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An official with the German government said Berlin would continue to campaign for the full implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

پرچم آلمان

“The (German) federal government will continue to campaign for the full implementation of the nuclear agreement,” a foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Saturday, Reuters reported.

Her remarks came after US President Donald Trump threatened on Friday to withdraw from the deal if some “flaws” are not “fixed”.

“We will now consult with our European partners to find a common way forward,” she added, referring to Trump’s speech.

On Friday, Trump again waived sanctions against Iran that were lifted as part of the landmark nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

"Today, I am waiving the application of certain nuclear sanctions, but only in order to secure our European allies' agreement to fix the terrible flaws of the Iran nuclear deal," he said in the statement.

He further claimed, "This is a last chance. In the absence of such an agreement, the United States will not again waive sanctions in order to stay in the Iran nuclear deal. And if at any time I judge that such an agreement is not within reach, I will withdraw from the deal immediately. No one should doubt my word."

In reply, Zarif took to Twitter on Friday to condemn Trump’s reluctant announcement on the nuclear sanctions waiver, saying, “Trump's policy & today’s announcement amount to desperate attempts to undermine a solid multilateral agreement, maliciously violating its paras 26, 28 & 29."

He further stressed that the deal is “not renegotiable” and urged Trump to, instead of repeating tired rhetoric, bring the US into full compliance of the deal, just like Iran.

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