Iran Slams French President’s Missile Comments

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry denounced the French president’s “biased and unrealistic” call to put Tehran’s missile program under surveillance, reiterating that Iran will not allow others to talk about restrictions on its defense capabilities.

Iran Slams French President’s Missile Comments

“The Islamic Republic of Iran… would never allow others to make comments or double-standard efforts to reduce Iran’s peace-seeking defense and deterrent power,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Thursday, responding to French President Emmanuel Macron’s call to place Iran’s missile program under international surveillance.

Dismissing concerns about Iran’s military capabilities, the spokesman said the very same parties that voice such concern have been selling ultra-advanced weapons to certain Middle Eastern countries.

Iran favors peace in the delicate Middle East region and stability of its neighboring countries, Qassemi said, highlighting Tehran’s efforts to counter terrorism and destabilizing threats in the region.

Slamming Macron’s comments about Iran’s influence in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen or his concerns about what he called Iran’s destabilizing foreign policy, the spokesman said the Islamic Republic has rushed to help the regional countries in the fight against Takfiri terrorism at the request of their governments.

Iran’s policies do not violate international regulations, but, rather, have contributed to regional peace and preserving the territorial integrity of the countries that faced the threat of the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group, he said.

The French president’s Tuesday comments about Iran were based on “prejudgment and an unrealistic view of the regional developments,” Qassemi deplored.

With its logical and realistic policy and an understanding of the post-Trump situation in Europe, particularly in France, Iran expects Europe to adopt a realistic approach to international developments and help establish world peace, the spokesperson went on to say.

“Iran’s missile capabilities fall within the framework of its military doctrine, which is based on defensive and deterrent policies,” he added, saying the real threat arises from a competition between the US and some European states for the sale of advanced weapons to certain countries in the Middle East.

Referring to the Iranian initiatives for regional stability and security in cooperation with other Persian Gulf countries, Qassemi said that Tehran rejects the “fabricated and imaginary concerns of ultra-regional countries” about its defense power.

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