Yemen’s Ansarullah Urges UNSC Probe into Saudi-Led Attack on School Bus

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A member of the political council of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to form a committee to investigate Thursday's Saudi-led air strike on a school bus, which killed dozens of Yemeni children, many under the age of 10.

Yemen’s Ansarullah Urges UNSC Probe into Saudi-Led Attack on School Bus

In a post on his twitter account on Saturday, Abdallah al-Ajri referred to the UNSC’s session on the Thursday air strike and said the Security Council did not need to hold a meeting to call for an investigation into the terrible crime of the Saudis. 

The least the council should have announced was the formation of an independent committee to probe into this “horrible” crime, he wrote.

The Yemeni official added that an international committee should have been formed from the beginning of the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen to investigate the crimes of the aggressors.

After private discussions on the air strikes, the UNSC said in a statement Friday that there should be a "credible, transparent" investigation, but it did not specifically indicate that it wants an "independent" probe.

The Security Council said it "expressed grave concern" about the airstrike and all other recent attacks in Yemen. At least five Security Council nations called for the session, which included a briefing from a senior UN official.

The children were on a field trip when their bus was struck at a market, the first stop of the day, killing 50 and injuring 77, according to the Yemeni Health Ministry.

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