Meighan Wetland: A Diamond in The Heart of Desert

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - These days Meighan wetland, a one-hundred-acre desert to the north of Arak, presents a beautiful view with the bright sun, coolness and purity adding to its beauty. Meighan Desert provides fresh air and water for the city of Arak, in Markazi province.

Meighan Wetland: A Diamond in The Heart of Desert

The wetland, located in Farahan, rises during the rainy season while in the dry season it turns into a swamp and becomes a salt marsh. Clay soils of this region become soft in rainy weather. When humidity is low, the evaporation of water increases.

In the lake, water salinity is high and the lake surface is covered with layers of salt which look like snow from a distance. The lake maintains its beauty throughout the day, especially during sunrise and sunset. The view is amazing and impacts any sightseer.

The sound of birds singing and flying over this desert is the most interesting part of tourism in Meighan wetland. There are some wild animals such as wolves and foxes and snakes, and some rare examples of Gharahdagh and Aterplix amidst the green foliage. This desert is spectacular.

According to, trekking along the pond, one can see thousands of migratory birds such as crane, blue ducks and flamingos.

Meighan Wetland is like a bowl of water stretching over an area of 5,000 square feet.

The wetland, due to its salt compounds, sterilizes the water and cleans the air of Arak. The sunset at the lake and the sounds of birds singing add to the astonishing beauty of the lake.

Meighan wetland is habitat to migratory birds from Siberia. This wetland is also an important habitat for migratory birds in the center of the country.

The region is also home to unique species of plants and unspoiled landscape. It meets environmental standards and is receptive to many tourists and nature lovers.

Source: Iran-Daily

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