Tomb of Saadi in Iran's Shiraz

Tomb of Saadi in Iran's Shiraz

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Saadi, the celebrated 13th-century poet, is universally recognized among Iranians for his profound literary contributions, notably his landmark works "Boostan" and "Golestan," which stand as cornerstones of Persian literature.

The tomb of this great poet, who is known as the master of words, less considered than Hafiz. Even less visited by the visitors.

Tomb of Saadi is located in Shiraz near Delgosha Garden. The building that is now known as a tomb was Saadi’s Khanqah, in which he lived during his life. Mohsen Forooqi, the architect of tomb, designed the present building in 1951. Outskirt of tomb, there is a vast garden which makes a poetic atmosphere.

This building has been restored many times during these years. After Saadi passed away, a tomb built to him. After many years and by the command of some governors, building starts to get ruined. During the reign of Karimkhan Zand, he decided to build a new tomb.

In Qajar era some parts of the tomb got obliterated, but by the purchasing of some courtiers the tomb restored again. In the Pahlavi era a plan to restore has been provided and finally in 1951 construction finished. 

Tomb of Saadi is a complex comprises various sections. A Qanat which is called Saadieh flowing underground, a fish pond is located next to tomb in which the local people hold some ceremonies.

There is a pool known as coin pool, people who want to reach their goals and desires drop coins in it.

In every corner, there is an inscription containing the poems of Saadi. There are many graves near the tomb which belong to some historical figures, artists and poets who testify to bury in tomb.  One of the most famous people who buried in the tomb is Shoorideh Shirazi.

Saadi also is known as the master of ethics in Persian culture. In his works, he tried to condemn greed, usury, hypocrisy, lust and corruption. He also has many narratives about merchants and mercantilism miseries.

There is a library in the complex, too. Tomb of Saadi is located in Boostan Boulevard, northeastern of Shiraz city.


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