Baghdad Reacts to Iran’s Missile Attack on Terrorists in Iraq’s Kurdistan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Sunday reacted to a missile attack by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) against terrorists based in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, local reports said.

Baghdad Reacts to Iran’s Missile Attack on Terrorists in Iraq’s Kurdistan

In the statement, the ministry stressed the need to protect the security of the Arab country’s neighbors and voiced its strong opposition to the use of its soil to pose threats against the neighbors, the Arabic-language Alsumaria news website reported.  

Baghdad also emphasized that it is opposed to any violation of Iraq’s sovereignty through attacking any target inside the country without coordination with the central government in Iraq, according to the report.

In a statement on Sunday, the IRGC confirmed that it had launched a missile attack a day earlier against a center in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region which was used for training anti-Iran terrorists and hosted a meeting of terrorist leaders.

Over the past months, terrorist groups affiliated with global arrogance have taken hostile moves from inside the Iraqi Kurdistan Region against Iran’s border areas, the statement said, adding that several terrorist teams have been dispatched to Iran to carry out acts of sabotage and upset security in Iran’s western provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah.

Thanks to the IRGC’s vigilance and preparedness, a number of operations were conducted over the past weeks which dealt heavy blows to the terrorists in Marivan and Kamyaran border regions, it said.

Heads of the terrorist groups, however, did not heed the serious warnings from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s authorities about Iran’s resolve to destroy their bases and about the need for an end to their aggressive and terrorist activities, the statement added.

Authentic reports indicate that the center of plot against the Islamic Republic has been destroyed in the missile attack and tens of leaders and major elements of the terrorist group have been killed and injured, it went on to say.

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